Offers in Detail

You can see all the offers on IPOhub in more detail by either clicking on the offer in the offers page or going directly to a company page and navigating to the Events & Offers section.

You can open or close any of the offers on a company’s page by clicking on the purple arrows to expand the view.

Offer information explained

When you click on an offer you are presented with all the details for that offer.

  • The offers are displayed under the events and offers section of the companies’ page.

Types of offers

Details what type of offer it is, the following common types can be:

  • IPO: Initial Public Offering, the classic way for a company to get listed on the stock market. Combines an offer and a listing.
  • New Issue: An offer to buy shares.
  • Exercise: Warrant exercise, also called subscription option exercise. You need to own warrants to take part in this type of offer.

Share Issue Details

  • Market: What market the company is listed on.
  • Subscription period: During what period investors can subscribe.
  • Subscription price: If the offer is subscribed in units the subscription price will differ from Price per share. Maybe the unit contains several shares and warrants.
  • Price per share: The price per share in the offer.
  • Target to raise: The size of the offer. How much money the company wants to raise.
  • Types: Are new shares being issued or is it a sale of existing shares.
  • Pre-money valuation: What is the valuation of the company in the offer. Number of shares before the offer multiplied with the price per share.
  • Subscription block size: Offers are often subscribed for in blocks, like 500 shares as an example.
  • Minimum subscription: Sometimes there is a minimum for what you can subscribe for, like 1000 shares as an example.
  • Record date: In an offer with pre-emption there needs to be a date when somebody needs to be the registered owner to receive the rights, that is the record date. But please be aware that is not the date that the shares need to be on your account. Most countries use a T+2 system, meaning that the shares need to be on your account two business days before (at the end of the day).
  • Offer status: Shows what the status of the offer is.
  • Listing status: Are the shares of the company already listed? or is it an upcoming event.
  • First trading date: If it is an IPO offer then it will show on what date the shares will start to trade on the market.
  • Issue terms: Who can take part? Directed to a particular investor or open to the public? If it is a rights issue, on what terms? Here you can find out the details.
  • Comment for listing: Here we add additional information about the listing. Is only shown if there is a comment.
  • Comment for offer: Here we add additional information about the offer. Is only shown if there is a comment.
  • Result of offer: Sometimes we also add how the offer went. Did the company get all the money it aimed to raise?
  • Documents: Here you can find the documents that are attached to the offer. The prospectus/investment memorandum, the teaser, the subscription form. We sometimes add other documents also.

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