The Listings Page Explained

The listings page displays all IPOs and direct listings. You can see the basic information for each listing, whilst clicking into the listing will take you to a more detailed view on the individual companies IPOhub page.

You can change the listing view from list to card view by clicking the list display icon

Using the Listings Page

To access the listings page, click the listings link form the top navigation menu.

  • By default the listings page uses the ‘All’ tab to show all listings in date order.
  • You can choose to filter the lists by the following criteria using the filter tabs:
    • New: See the upcoming listings in the order we add them.
    • Upcoming: Listings that are upcoming, with the closest in time at the top.
    • Listed: Check out the past listing events.
The classic way for a company to get listed is by IPO. But some companies get listed without offering shares in an offer at the same time, that is called a Direct listing, a Listing in short

Searching for Listings

  • In addition to filtering listings, you can choose to make more specific searches using the search and advanced search features.

Searching for Listings

To search for a listing related to a specific company simply enter the company name in the search field. (You can search for terms such as stock ticker, company registration number or LEI code)

To narrow your search results, you can use a combination of the search results and filter tabs. For example, if you would like to see only passed listings in your results then click on the ‘listed tab and perform a search.

Advanced Search Features

  • You can use the advanced search features to make even more pinpoint searches for the listings you’re looking for.
  • Type: Choose if you want to search for IPOs, Listings or Market moves. Market moves are when companies move between markets, it often happens when growth companies have grown and feel ready for the main market.
  • Markets: Choose which exchanges the companies are listed on that you are interested in.
  • First trading day: The time for the listing, like 1 Jan - 31 December 2018.
  • Subscription period: Choose for what time period you are searching offers for.
  • Price per share: Choose the range of the price per share in the offer. Great for looking at those penny stocks, or maybe those low unit prices make you run for the hills.

Clicking any listing will take you to the listing in more detail. To learn more about the listing in detail click here.

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