How to participate in Events via IPOhub at the moment.

We are working hard to make this process much smoother by introducing a digital subscription platform and revolutionising the way people around Europe can invest into growth companies, but at the moment this is the procedure You should follow to be able to participate in growth company events. Please keep in mind that each event is different and each country has its own differences but this will give you a brief overview of how to participate if you are a ‘’cross-border’’ investor.

  • Create a FREE account at IPOhub - Sign up
  • Check Your inbox and verify Your email
  • Log into Your account and find a suitable Offer under active offers tab.
active offers button
  • Click on the “View details” button on top of the company page to see Company Event details
subscription panel
  • If the terms and conditions of the Event are suitable for You, click on the “Subscribe” button and different subscription options appear. If you choose download the subscription form option you can follow the instructions below.

Instructions for “EU cross-border” investor

Please note: Each event is different and each country has its own differences but this will give you a BRIEF overview of how to participate if you are EU cross-border investor.

  • If you wish to have your allotted shares and/or warrants delivered to a bank or nominee outside of the country where the subscription is occurring, you are required to submit a Standard Settlement Information (SSI). The SSI can be provided to you through your bank/trustee.
  • Please note! It is the investor’s own responsibility to control with his or her bank that delivery of company shares and warrants are possible to the custody account stated at subscription form.
  • To sell or buy shares after the first day of trading, then please ensure that your bank can trade shares on that specific market.
  • In case of translated texts on IPOhub platform, every care has been taken in the translation of those texts. In the event of discrepancies IPOhub does not take any responsibility, the original text will supersede the English translation.
  • In case the text differs from the original, the original version prevails.
  • Each company has a different subscription form, but it takes about 5-15 minutes to fill in the form. Pay attention when filling the form if you subscribe as a company or as an individual.
  • Save the form and send it to the agent whose contacts are listed in the subscription form. For example
    subscription info
    If You have any questions or something is unclear it’s always beneficial to contact an agent or company to ask for more details.
  • If you subscribe for more than 15.000.00 EUR you should fill in an additional form. You can request this form from agent/emitent if it’s not available together with the subscription form or under the offers document section.

    For subscriptions over EUR 15,000, the following information must be provided.

    • Attach a certified copy of a valid ID document.
    • For legal entities, a current registration certificate or equivalent, not older than three months, must also be attached
    • Politically Exposed Person - If you have or have had a high political or government employment, or if You are a close family member or employee of a person with such a position, then this must be revealed.
    • Ownership - for legal entities, information must be provided about the persons who own 25% or more, directly or indirectly, of the legal entity.
  • Agent might ask you to send additional documents to be able to accept your subscription request (ID, company printout etc).
  • Ask the agent to notify you if you have gotten an allocation (NB! in some countries an invoice for allocated shares is sent by regular post and it might arrive later than the invoice due date!).
  • Once you have confirmed allocation of shares, contact your bank representative to help you with the transaction of these shares to your investment account. It’s basically connecting emitent/agent representatives with your bank representative where they should match transaction details. Make sure to do it as early as possible to be sure that the shares will be on your account before the first trading date!

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