Company Page in Detail

The company page is where you find all the information about a particular company. Like what the company does, who runs it, including Share issues, IPOs and listings. But also, things like news, videos and articles.

Following Companies: When you’re signed into your IPOhub account you can follow companies by clicking on the ‘follow’ toggle button. You can then get notifications when something new happens with the company.

Company Details Explained

When you click on a company in the company’s page you are presented with an individual page.

The page is divided into the following sections:

  • Company Headers and Current Instruments and Offers
  • Company News
  • People
  • Company Details
  • The company header section contains the Name and Market that the company is currently listed on. It also contains the company’s description and the sectors in which it operates. You can also find the latest videos associated with the company.
  • Contained within the header is the Current Instruments or Offers box. This gives a quick view of any active offers or instruments this company has.


  • The news section is a collection of news, posts, interviews and videos that have been published regarding this company in chronological order. The default view is to show the first 9 news items, to load more items click the next arrows at the foot of the news section.

Instruments & Events

  • All of the current and historic events can be found under the Instruments and events section. You can use the arrow on the right side of the boxes to open and collapse the information.

To learn more about the Instruments and Events detail please visit the Offers Detail page.


  • Board Members, including the CEO, Chairman and other influential people are listed in the people section. This also details the current number of employees.

Company Details

  • Various other important company information is covered in the company details section. These include the location of the company, the registration number and additional trading information.

Associated topics

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