How it works?

Bringing together all the latest investment opportunities across European SME growth markets in one place. You can search, research and subscribe to offers directly through your account. Follow exciting companies and be notified when investment opportunities arise.
Reducing the paperwork

Your typical investment may contain endless administration, documentation, credit checks, identity check(s) and more. IPOhub streamlines the entire process.

Supporting Digital Identities

Create a digital identity that can be used to legally verify your subscriptions and sign documents digitally.

Freedom to invest

We believe you should be able to invest in who and where you like, and the EU agrees. You can now choose to subscribe in any company across the European SME growth markets.

Make better investments

Get access to a companies history, events, documents, news and media, all the information you need from over 100 sources to help you make informed investment decisions.

Supporting real SME’s to grow

SME’s contribute to a staggering 99% of the European economy. Investing in these growth companies helps support the local and wider economy alike.

Striving for balance…

The downside to investing as an individual is that it’s just not fair. Banks, Hedge funds and other ‘institutional investors’ get preferential access to data, offers and IPOs - leaving the individual at the back of the que.

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