Waturu Holding A/S owns 90% of Aquaturu A/S, which is expected to be listed on the stock exchange at 195 - 205 MDKK early Q4 2020

28 July 2020 - 15:06

Company announcement No. 35

Vejle, July 28th 2020

Waturu Holding A/S owns 90% of Aquaturu A/S, which is expected to be listed on the stock exchange at 195 - 205 MDKK early Q4 2020.

The importance to the investors in Waturu Holding A/S
As stated in company announcement no. 31, a listing process has been initiated by the subsidiary Aquaturu A/S, which is 90% owned by Waturu Holding A/S. The company is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market early Q4 2020.

The company is planned to be listed at a market value of 170 MDKK before a new capital offering of 25-35 MDKK and the company will thus, after the completion of a maximum offering, at the time of listing, have a technical market value of 205 MDKK.

Chairman Thomas Marschall states:

“The listing of Aquaturu A/S shows that the underlying technology platform can be used in a number of industries and on behalf of the investors in Waturu Holding A/S, we look forward to supporting the Aquaculture industry with new intelligent technology, which can ensure the industry even better profit and sustainability as it is our expectation that our technology can help reduce the use of antibiotics in the production”.

About Aquaturu A/S
Aquaturu A/S has developed a new anti-algae and anti-bacterial solution for land-based fish farming. The solution can ensure fish producers, higher revenue through higher survival rates and lower costs through savings on medicines, antibiotics and chemicals. The market is global and growing and there are approximately 25-30.000 land-based fish farming facilities.

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About Waturu Holding A/S
Waturu Holding A/S is a Vejle based Greentech company, which develops innovative water technology for heating or treating water, with the focus on ensuring bacteria-free water and reducing water and energy consumption for heating hot water in properties and thus ensuring CO2 savings. Waturu Holding A/S is a major shareholder in the medical company Watgen Medical A/S and in the technology company Aquaturu A/S.

Further information:
CEO Toke Reedtz, cell.: +45 5188 1262, e-mail:
CFO Michael Nørgaard, cell.: +45 2720 6214, e-mail:

Waturu Holding A/S
Sjællandsgade 32
7100 Vejle

Certified Adviser
Tofte & Company ApS
Christian IX Gade 7, 3rd,
1111 København
Phone.: +45 71961030
Contact: Sasja Dalgaard, mobile: +45 26100877, e-mail:

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Waturu Holding AS
Waturu Holding AS is a Danish Greentech company. It has developed a sustainable and intelligent water technology with the overall environmental purpose of saving water and energy and reducing CO2. The technology serves as a platform technology and is thus useful in a variety of products. The product portfolio of the group consists of water heater and industrial solution for wastewater. The WATURU...
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