Waturu Holding A/S – liquidity preparedness must be strengthened in Waturu Holding A/S

05 March 2021 - 15:14

Company announcement no. 64
Vejle, March 5th 2021

Due to the delayed production and sale, the lost arbitration case and the Companys order situation, the
Board of Directors of Waturu Holding A/S has today decided that the liquidity basis for the Company must
be strengthened. As the proceeds from the listing on Nasdaq First North in May 2019 over 3 - 4 months will
no longer be sufficient to support the current orders as well as the necessary working capital and thus the
companys future expectations, cf. company announcement no. 54, the establishment of greater capital
resources are needed.

The company has most recently entered into an agreement, cf. company announcement no. 56, on the
delivery of 500 water heater units and with additional expected supply of more than 1,000 water heater
units per. month. The company needs to be able to pre-order larger quantities of materials and
components, which is why more liquidity is needed.

In addition, the company, via its subsidiary Aquaturu A/S, has entered into an agreement with an
international distributor within Aquaculture technology, which sells to 15 markets. The partner has
indicated that on the basis of a positive test, sales of a significant number of industrial units for water
treatment of process water are expected.

If no further liquidity is provided to the Company, the Board of Directors considers that previously
announced forecasts for Waturu Holding A/S must be reassessed.

Due to the fact that the companys share is suspended, it is not possible to offer the shareholders to
participate in a capital increase (rights issue).

Therefore, initiatives will be initiated within the coming week, where the company will offer existing
shareholders the opportunity to participate in a liquidity supply via loan financing and participation in a
capital increase in the subsidiary Aquaturu A/S.

The Board of Directors has great confidence that the company, with strengthened liquidity, can meet the
announced expectations.

About Waturu Holding A/S
Waturu Holding A/S is a Greentech company, which develops innovative water technology for heating or
treating water, with the focus on ensuring bacteria-free water and reducing water and energy consumption
for heating hot water in properties and thus ensuring CO2 savings. Waturu Holding A/S is a major
shareholder in the medical company Watgen Medical A/S and in the technology company Aquaturu A/S.

Further information:

CEO Toke Reedtz, cell.: +45 5188 1262, e-mail: [email protected]

Waturu Holding A/S
Sjællandsgade 32
7100 Vejle

Certified Adviser
CDI GLOBAL ApS, CVR. nr. 27514278
Per Vestergaard Direktør/CEO/partner Associate Professor
Vestre Havnepromenade 5, 5. sal 9000 Aalborg Denmark
T +4598110055, M +4521764317, E [email protected]

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Waturu Holding AS
Waturu Holding AS is a Danish Greentech company. It has developed a sustainable and intelligent water technology with the overall environmental purpose of saving water and energy and reducing CO2. The technology serves as a platform technology and is thus useful in a variety of products. The product portfolio of the group consists of water heater and industrial solution for wastewater. The WATURU...
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