Achieve 10.25% in interest and support Danish jobs and the green transition

19 March 2021 - 13:35

Green transition has fantastic potential for companies with products that can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Waturu Holding A/S has developed an innovative water and energy-saving water purifier and water heater. The company has most recently entered into a distribution agreement p.t. comprising 7 countries in Africa. In Africa, there are several countries with some of the highest growth rates in the world. The huge cities are growing rapidly and this is putting water infrastructure under pressure.

Therefore, the Waturu unit has some clear advantages, in addition to being able to reduce energy and water consumption, it also treats the water for any bacteria and parasites.

It takes liquidity to grow a business. Following the complete development of the product, the construction of production facilities and the establishment of an organization, there is a need for Waturu Holding A/S to be provided with more liquidity. This is now being addressed through an offer to participate in a standing loan of 36 months with an interest rate of 10.25% p.a.

With 10.25% p.a. the loan is an alternative for investors to invest surplus liquidity in Waturu Holding A/S and at the same time support the export of a green Danish developed and produced product.

It is possible to participate in the loan, until March 24.

At the same time as the shareholders in Waturu Holding A/S´s are offered to participate in a loan, it is also possible to participate in a capital increase in the subsidiary Aquaturu A/S.

The company is expected to be listed later this year and here too there is an opportunity to participate with free funds.
Aquaturu´'s product is a major industrial solution for purifying process water in land-based fish farming. The company has entered into an agreement with an international distributor, which sells to 15 countries, and received orders for the first solution from a listed US company.

With a pre-IPO round, the company is provided with the necessary capital to complete the IPO process, as well as secure additional sales and references before the expected listing.
Investors can thus subscribe for new shares at a valuation of DKK 57.5 million by the Board of Directors.

It is possible to participate in the pre-ipo, until March 24.

Waturu Holding A/S 'website or .com contains news, including a video presentation of the production and an animated film for understanding the products. The loan and subscription documents can be found at
Read more about Aquaturu at

Sustainability, investment in climate technology and the adjustment of resource consumption will, over the next many decades, fill more and more of our and companies' everyday lives. Everyone needs to consume less and more sustainably.

Waturu Holding A/S and Aquaturu A/S are both companies that are ready to contribute to that change.

About Waturu Holding A/S
Waturu Holding A/S is a Greentech company, which develops innovative water technology for heating or treating water, with the focus on ensuring bacteria-free water and reducing water and energy consumption for heating hot water in properties and thus ensuring CO2 savings. Waturu Holding A/S is a major shareholder in the medical company Watgen Medical A/S and in the technology company Aquaturu A/S.

Further information:
CEO Toke Reedtz, cell.: +45 5188 1262, e-mail: [email protected]

Waturu Holding A/S
Sjællandsgade 32
7100 Vejle

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Waturu Holding AS
Waturu Holding AS is a Danish Greentech company. It has developed a sustainable and intelligent water technology with the overall environmental purpose of saving water and energy and reducing CO2. The technology serves as a platform technology and is thus useful in a variety of products. The product portfolio of the group consists of water heater and industrial solution for wastewater. The WATURU...
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