TECO 2030 ASA is currently running an IPO. Their technology helps to reduce the marine shipping’s environmental impact through innovative engineering and equipment development, such as shown in the video.

22 September 2020 - 17:16
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has implemented a regulation for marine vessels to reduce sulphur emissions to 0.5% sulphur equivalent in fuel by switching to lower sulphur fuels, or installing an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System from January 1st 2020. TECO Future Funnel is designed to comply with existing Sulphur Oxides (SOx) emission regulations and ready to adapt for future regulations such as Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Black Carbon (BC) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). TECO Future Funnel is suited for all types of vessels both retrofit and newbuild. TECO 2030 can offer single, multi inlet inline, as well as bypass exhaust cleaning system as per customer needs....
Merkur Market (Norway)
TECO 2030 ASA is an innovative engineering and equipment development company with focus on a greener and cleaner environment. Our core objective is to develop high quality, cutting edge and cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce ecological impact of maritime pollution. TECO 2030 is striving in a fast-paced environment to help clients operate within the maritime rules and regulations at p...
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