TECO 2030 LIVE Q&A Interview 25.09.2020 (Norwegian)

25 September 2020 - 11:03
TECO 2030 is planning a listing on Merkur Market. The company develops technology that helps reduce emissions from the world's growing fleet, with the main focus on fuel cells and hydrogen. Managing Director Tore Enger, business development director Tor-Erik Hoftun and board member Birgit M. Liodden performed at Xtrainvestor on live video Q&A on Friday 25 September at 09.00. The moderator was Peter Wessel from Fearnley Securities....
Merkur Market (Norway)
TECO 2030 ASA is an innovative engineering and equipment development company with focus on a greener and cleaner environment. Our core objective is to develop high quality, cutting edge and cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce ecological impact of maritime pollution. TECO 2030 is striving in a fast-paced environment to help clients operate within the maritime rules and regulations at p...
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