Soltech company NP Gruppen in solar, roof, battery, and energy optimization projects - order value of SEK 5.6 million

10 August 2022 - 07:50

The Stockholm-based company NP Gruppen is one of the Soltech group's roofing companies that has transformed from being a classic roofing company to also being able to offer green energy solutions. Now the company has helped the housing association Nybohovet in Liljeholmen with reroofing, roof-mounted solar energy solutions, Ferroamp's energy optimization system and battery storage. The order value for the project amounts to SEK 5.6 million.

Soltech has an aggressive acquisition strategy in the solar energy industry, but also in the electrical engineering, roof/sheet metal and facade industries where the companies are transformed after acquisition by adding solar energy to the product range. An example of a company that has been transformed is the company NP Gruppen.

NP Gruppen became part of the Soltech group in 2019 and has since then both built up its own solar energy department and carried out several solar energy installations. Now the company has helped a housing association with reroofing, solar energy installations, energy optimization system and batteries for energy storage. Marcus Juhlin, solar energy expert at NP Gruppen, consider this assignment as a prestigious project.

– This is an assignment that we are very proud of. The fact that we were able to help the customer with everything from roofing and solar energy solutions to energy optimization systems and batteries shows that we can offer a comprehensive solution. This creates both short-term and long-term value for the housing association and the residents, says Marcus Juhlin, solar energy expert at NP Gruppen.

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