Resolutions from the Annual General Meeting of Shape Robotics A/S

27 April 2021 - 17:04

Company Announcement No. 27-2021
Copenhagen, April 27, 2021

En dansk version af referatet er vedlagt, og er tilgængelig på selskabets hjemmeside
A danish version of the resolutions is attached, and are available on the company’s website

On 27 April at 13:00 the Annual General Meeting 2021 was held in the Company’s office, Rugmarken 18, 3520 Farum.

The following resolutions were passed:

  1. Attorney-at-law Mattias Vilhelm Warnøe Nielsen was elected chairman of the general meeting
  2. The general meeting approved the board’s report on the company’s business for 2020
  3. The annual report 2020 was approved
  4. It was resolved to transfer the loss for the financial year 2020 of TDKK 12.728 to the next year
  5. Lars Nyengaard, Michael Frank, Kasper Støy and Moises Pacheco were re-elected for the Board of Directors for a one year period. Thomas Gjørup resigned from the Board of Directors.
  6. PriceWaterhouseCoopers Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab (PwC) was re-elected as auditor for the company
  7. The proposal for remuneration to the Board of Directors was approved
  8. Nothing was resolved related to this point on the agenda.

General meeting adjourned.


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About Shape Robotics A/S
Shape Robotics is a Danish robotics company with a strong position in the global educational technology (”EdTech”) market. The Company has developed Fable, a unique modular robot that makes it easy and fun for students to build and program their own robots. Since the launch of Fable in 2017 thousands of robots have been sold and shipped to schools around the world.

Shape Robotics helps educational institutions provide excellent teaching that will prepare students for a fast-changing future where digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and automation are transforming life and work. Fable is a modular robot that students can build in seconds. The robot system is robust, can withstand everyday usage in classrooms and can be used to solve demanding tasks. Students code Fable depending on their experience - from simple block programming to coding in the advanced Python language. Comprehensive teaching materials have been developed in collaboration with professional educators. Therefore, Shape Robotics provides complete teaching solutions for educational institutions from the 3rd grade to high-school and vocational schools.

In 2020 Shape Robotics launched a new telepresence robotics system called Fable Connect. The system enables schools to get homebound students back in the classroom using the robot as a communication device. The product broadens the company’s offering and has been well received by the Danish Schools. Hundreds of Fable Connect robots are now being used at schools and hospitals, mainly by children with long-term health issues. The market for Fable Connect is expected to grow and become an important product for the company in the years to come.

Further Information
David Johan Christensen, CEO Shape Robotics A/S
Tel. (+45) 2685 0903
[email protected]

Investor relations
André Fehrn, CFO Shape Robotics A/S
(+45) 2444 8556

Email: [email protected]
Rugmarken 18, 3520 Farum, Denmark

CVR-nr. 38322656

Certified advisor contact
Norden CEF ApS
John Norden
Tlf: +45 20 72 02 00
[email protected]

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Nasdaq First North GM (Denmark)
Shape Robotics A/S
Shape Robotics is an educational technology company. It has developed Fable, a modular robotic system that makes it easy and fun for students to build and program their own robots....
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