Analyst Groups Analyst Article on PolarCool: ‘First Mover Advantage on a Global Market With Vast Potential’

12 September 2023 - 10:01

Analyst Group published, on the 11th of September 2023, an analyst article on PolarCool titled: ”First mover advantage on a global market with vast potential”, which can be accessed on Analyst Groups website and on

The following is an extract from the article:

“PolarCool AB (“PolarCool” or the “Company”) is a MedTech company that has developed a unique, high-quality cooling unit with a positive clinically proven cooling effect on concussion recovery. By having a first mover advantage in a relatively unexploited industry, the Company has the opportunity to capitalize on an extensive market potential with the help of the in-house developed product PolarCap® System. By utilizing the benefits of the product, whose purpose is to minimize acute injuries of concussion, a lack of clear competitors, and a low valuation in comparison to comparable companies, Analyst Group sees an attractive position for investors to take part in the global scale-up ahead of PolarCool.”

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Erik Andersson –  CEO PolarCool AB (publ)               
+46 - 738 60 57 00                                         
E-mail: [email protected]

About PolarCool AB (publ)

PolarCool AB (publ) is a medical device company that develops, markets, and sells products for sports medicine. The company focuses on treatment of concussive and sub-concussive brain injury with the portable cooling device PolarCap® System. PolarCool AB (publ) is based in Lund, Sweden, and its shares are listed on Spotlight Stock Market.

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Spotlight Stock Market (Sweden)
PolarCool AB
PolarCool operates in medical technology. The company is focused on offering products and solutions targeted at injuries in sports and physical activity. Main focus is on research and development of products used for the treatment of various brain injuries, for example in boxing, rugby, and American football....
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