Interview with the CEO of Hemcheck, a medtech company for detection of hemolysis

03 December 2019 - 15:32
Hemcheck produces and commercializes a service for detection of hemolysis at the point of care. Hemolysis, broken red blood cells, is the most common reason why blood samples cannot be properly analyzed. A large part of all medical decisions are based on blood test analysis. Missing or incorrect blood analysis results can lead to incorrect or delayed medical decisions. They also contribute to inefficient work processes and increased costs. The services offered by Hemcheck consist of single use tests for blood samples in vacuum tubes (v-Test) and blood gas syringes (s-Test), and a common reader. The concept was CE-marked in the end of 2018 and the market launch has begun in 2019 on the Swedis...
Nasdaq First North GM (Sweden)
Hemcheck Sweden AB
Hemcheck Sweden AB is a Sweden based medical technology company. It is developing a product addressing the issue of hemolyzed blood samples....
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