Interview with Hemcheck Sweden AB's CEO Joen Averstad

Email Q&A on October 2020.

11 October 2020 - 10:14
Hemcheck has been on the market (publicly) for a bit over 3 years by now, during which time it has had its ups and downs (in terms of stock price). For the last year, starting from september 2019 when stock first dropped below its IPO price in 2 years, the news and stock price movement have been somewhat stagnant. As we see interest in your company profile at and many retail investors have contacted us to ask our “opinion” about your future, we’d like to give them the actual overview and not to guess ourselves. Best way to do that is to contact the source directly. I hope you are willing to give some overview of your doings and answer some questions that have aris...
Nasdaq First North GM (Sweden)
Hemcheck Sweden AB
Hemcheck Sweden AB is a Sweden based medical technology company. It is developing a product addressing the issue of hemolyzed blood samples....
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