14 January 2022 - 14:59

To continue Hamlet Pharma’s drug development process towards Phase III trials and future commercialization, it is essential to expand our organization. We are therefore gathering a group of ‘’brilliant minds’’ in our very own THINK TANK, consisting of leading experts in the areas of drug development, business development, finance and clinical strategy.

The Think Tank format provides a forum for creative discussions and networking, a place where experience and expertise within the company’s major strategic areas will be shared and cross-pollinated. The Think Tank will meet regularly and serve as a forum and platform for discussions of urgent and strategic issues. The members of the Think Tank will also be actively involved in different projects, as consultants to the company.

We at Hamlet Pharma are excited about this opportunity to continue building a competitive pharmaceutical company structure and we see this as an important new step in our company’s continued growth. The THINK TANK includes current and new members of the Hamlet Pharma team. We welcome the new recruits.

Sam Lindgren MD, PhD, MBA. Specialist in cardiology and clinical pharmacology with an extensive drug development background, in the clinical development of numerous drug candidates, most recently the AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Ola Levin M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration. 40 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry within management, marketing and business development, including a number of successful in-licensing, distribution and acquisition deals.

Lars Hedbys PhD in Applied Biochemistry, former Site general manager of AstraZeneca R&D in Lund, with extensive experience of biotech start-up companies. Lars is also co-founder of a number of life science companies and has held CEO and General Manager roles in Sweden as well as internationally.

For more information, please contact

 Catharina Svanborg, Chairperson of the board, Hamlet Pharma, +46 709 42 65 49

[email protected]

 Mats Persson, CEO Hamlet Pharma, +46 705 17 67 57

[email protected] 

About HAMLET Pharma

HAMLET Pharma, listed on Spotlight, develops drugs based on the unique tumoricidal protein-lipid complex, HAMLET, formed by two natural and harmless molecules found in breast milk. Development focuses primarily on drugs, for the treatment and prevention of cancer. HAMLET kills tumour cells and has proven safe in proof-of-concept studies in animal models. Alpha1H is the synthetic variant of HAMLET, which has enabled development of the agent for clinical trials. Alpha1H kills different types of tumour cells and has demonstrated therapeutic effects on bladder cancer in animal models. Hamlet Pharma has one ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial with Alpha1H in patients with bladder cancer, a costly form of cancer that is difficult to treat and intends to expand its activities into other types of cancer. The first results from the ongoing clinical Phase I/II study shows no side effects of Alpha1H, indicating that the treatment is safe and well tolerated. Alpha1H also demonstrated clinical efficacy compared with patients who received placebo. In addition, Hamlet Pharma develops BAMLET, which is a molecular complex formed by bovine α-lactalbumin and oleic acid. Data from animal models suggest that local BAMLET treatment may be effective against colon cancer.


This project is funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 954360.

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Hamlet Pharma AB
Hamlet Pharma is a pharmaceutical company which has developed a tumoricidal protein-lipid complex that mainly is used in the treatment of breast cancer, bladder cancer, as well as in cases of cancer that are hard to treat....
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