Interview with Eurocine Vaccines AB's CEO Dr. Hans Arwidsson

Part of Eurocine Vaccine AB June 2021 rights issue

09 June 2021 - 09:15
There are always a number of factors influencing the decision to go ahead with a project and frankly, serendipity should not be neglected. We began to talk to the innovators of the chlamydia vaccine candidate a few years ago. When we evaluated new vaccine candidates, the chlamydia one looked more and more attractive and after having conducted a thorough market analysis on the opportunity, we were thrilled. We performed a couple of preclinical studies on the candidate together with the innovators and the results supported further development. A constructive and stimulating negotiation to reach a license agreement with the innovators deepened the relationship and the understanding of the innov...
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Eurocine Vaccines AB
Eurocine Vaccines is a development company in the highly intense vaccine area, bridging the gap between innovation and market. Through its portfolio strategy, innovative vaccine candidates are given the opportunity to reach the market quicker, while investors are offered risk diversification with a big future leverage....
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