DecideAct launches groundbreaking ESG software tool for corporate ESG strategy planning and execution.

27 September 2021 - 15:00

The tech company DecideAct has developed a software solution to help companies and organizations execute, manage, and monitor on ESG efforts (Environmental, Social and Governance). Given the developments in ESG, the business potential of the product is assessed as very large as it can be delivered as stand-alone as well as part of the strategy execution suite.

DecideAct A/S [ACT]
Company Announcement No. 21-2021:
About DecideAct A/S [ACT]

Companies' ability to attract and retain employees, partners, customers, and investors is increasingly linked to ESG. At the same time, many companies find it difficult to implement and execute their ESG strategy sufficiently effectively. The problem is the same as with any other strategy execution; it is done manually using the available tools such as Excel and PowerPoint.

DecideAct already helps companies worldwide with Strategy Execution Management (SEM) via a cloud solution that drives and monitors the execution of companies' strategies. Based on the company’s proven SEM platform, DecideAct is now introducing a dedicated solution that can similarly help companies execute their ESG strategy and goals and integrate it with the company's overall strategy. The solution will be ready for deployment during October 2021.

Predefined ESG frameworks

DecideAct’s new ESG platform allows companies to effectively work on their ESG-related goals based on any ESG framework - or they can design their own based on two or more of the frameworks that already exist. DecideAct ESG comes with the following predefined frameworks:

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards
  • The UN Global Compact
  • The World Economic Forum Reporting Framework
  • The Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide
  • Or the company's own customised framework or version

CEO and co-founder of DecideAct, Flemming Videriksen says: "ESG has moved to the core of corporate strategy and directly up as a hot topic on for any serious CEO, and this will only be reinforced in the coming years. All companies will need to be able to execute, manage and monitor their ESG performance to one degree or another. This is especially true for public companies. That is why we feel confident that we are hitting the mark with this product, and among the companies we have been in dialogue with during the development phase, we’ve seen huge interest. Therefore, I believe we can rightly have high expectations for this well-thought-out solution, based on our already proven and successful SEM platform."

DecideAct's ESG solution, which will go to market from October 2021, can either be purchased separately as a dedicated stand-alone SaaS solution for ESG monitoring, management, and reporting, or as an integrated part of DecideAct's Strategy Execution Management solution.

Contact Information

The Company

CEO, Flemming Videriksen

+ 45 78756550

E-mail: [email protected]

DecideAct A/S

Østre Kajgade 3, 3730 Nexø, Denmark

Certified Advisor

Keswick Global AG

+ 43 1 740 408045

E-mail: [email protected]

About DecideAct:

DecideAct is a provider of SaaS software and solutions that move manual execution and follow-up of strategy to a cloud-based Strategy Execution Management platform. By rethinking the way strategy is executed, DecideAct has created a groundbreaking tool that is relevant to all companies and organizations, public or private, in all industries, geographies, functional roles and their mission critical priorities related to achieving strategic goals. DecideAct’s vision is to modernize strategic leadership through technology. 

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Nasdaq First North GM (Denmark)
DecideAct A/S
DecideAct is a solution provider that move manual implementation and follow-up of strategy to a cloud-based strategy execution management platform....
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