CYBER1 confirms agreed remuneration to advisors in the company reconstruction and ongoing recapitalisation through issue of units

02 July 2021 - 08:30

Cyber ​​Security 1 AB (publ), 556135–4811 (the “Company”) has agreed on a model for remuneration of partners and advisors that have provided key legal, strategic and business turnaround services to the Company in relation to the concluded company reconstruction and the ongoing recapitalization of the Company, as represented by the preferential issue of maximum 174,445,113 units approved by the annual general meeting on 29 June 2021 (the “Rights Issue”).

The total agreed remuneration of EUR 560,000 shall be settled against 56,000,000 new shares and 56,000,000 warrants of series 2021 to be issued in units on terms equal to the terms of the Rights Issue. The above issue is expected to be resolved by the board of directors in close conjunction to the conclusion of the Rights Issue. Upon completion of the Rights Issue and assuming all warrants issued in the Rights Issue are exercised into shares, the dilution from the above issue of units will at maximum amount to 7.43 percent from issued shares and an additional 6.92 percent upon full exercise of issued warrants in the above units issue.

Provided by: MFN
Nasdaq First North GM (Sweden)
Cyber Security 1
Cyber Security 1 AB is a Sweden based company engaged in providing governance, risk, and compliance cybersecurity solutions. It offers payments, communications, networks, and e-commerce security. The company operates across public and private sector organizations internationally including government, healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, and hospitality. The operating segments of the firm...
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