Newsletter November 2022 – Accelerating Cline to the next phase

18 November 2022 - 12:00

 The year is speeding along and there are a lot of exciting updates about propelling both our projects and Cline forward in the future. This newsletter will give updates into our StemCART project and details about the upcoming Rights Issue, in which shareholders are able to subscribe until the 28th of November. 

In the lab with StemCART

Much has been happening in the StemCART labs since we wrote about the project in the September newsletter. In that edition, we went through the exvivo project results gained this year and the three goals the team achieved. You can read more about these goals and results here.


Also in the that newsletter, we shared details about some of the upcoming work to develop StemCART into “real world” conditions and starting to prepare for translation to larger scale manufacturing stage ahead of clinical trials. This has been ongoing with work being conducting into increased batches, testing larger amounts of cells, and more effective processes. So far, we have moved from using many smaller to fewer larger nano-surfaces, replacing a time and labor demanding set up with an easier and more efficient process as well as doubling the cell yield per cm2. Obtaining more cells per cm2 enables tests with larger cell numbers in the cartilage injuries and thereby finding the optimal ratio for regeneration, an ongoing goal of Cline’s tests. Step by step this progress moves the StemCART’s development forward towards the preparation for a phase 1 clinical trial, a step closer to our goal of changing lives of those living with cartilage disease.


The upcoming Rights Issue

Monday the 14th of November was the first day of the subscription period of Cline’s upcoming Rights Issue. This emission is an opportunity to invest in Cline with the capital raised going to propel Cline further in its goal of reaching the clinical phase of its two life-changing products, StemCART and CellRACE.


The last day of the subscription period is the 28th of November. Read more about the investment opportunity in the memorandum. Full terms of the issue and the subscription form are available on the Company's website


Cline in the spotlight

This month has seen many examples of Cline being featured. Last week, Cline took part in Stora Aktiedagen Göteborg and presented Cline to Aktiespararna investors at Svenska Mässan. If you missed the event you can tune in to the investor presentation and Q&A with CEO Patrik Sundh and VP of R&D Dr. Hanne Evenbratt here. 


Biostock recently spoke with Cline CEO Patrik Sundh about progress toward clinical trials and the upcoming emission. The interview covers the new preclinical results from StemCART, the path forward for Cline, and the investment opportunity.


When asked what are the reasons to invest in Cline, CEO Patrik Sundh explains,
Cline has enormous upsides in two large and established medical areas. Both StemCART and CellRACE have the opportunity to be First-in-Class and offer advantages that do not exist today. - We are also an extremely capital-efficient company, even though we are in the life science segment. We have taken the company's project well through the pre-clinical stages with only a fraction of the capital that most other smaller life science companies use.”

Read more at Biostock’s website.


Cline has been recently featured in an article by Cline’s patent firm Ström & Gulliksson. The article delves into Cline’s history of building a strong patent strategy together with our long-term patent team. For Cline, a large amount of value is held in protecting and commercializing new IP, and therefore having the right strategy, plan and consultants are central to Cline’s success.

As a client, Cline is extremely exciting to work with as their patented nanotechnology offers new solutions to previously unsolved problems”, says Magnus Berglund, who in addition to seeing the underlying patent to completion has been involved in two practical implementations so far and is following the company’s work with interest.”


Read the full article here.


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Warmest regards,

The Cline Team

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About Cline Scientific
Cline Scientific develops advanced cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine treatments. Cline’s unique patented surface nanotechnology provides solutions to critical challenges for cell-based products and process in Life Science. Cline is driving two projects through to a clinical stage, StemCART - a stem cell therapy for joint repair, and CellRACE- a cancer diagnostic to predict metastasis. 

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