Cline Scientific AB adds new orthopedic center to StemCART project

25 November 2022 - 11:30

Cline Scientific AB announces that they have begun a partnership with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, orthopedics, for the collection and testing of human knee cartilage tissue as part of the StemCART project. 

During 2022, Cline has been conducting exvivo tests on samples in collaboration with Varberg Hospital and orthopedic surgeons. The addition of a second hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital allows Cline more opportunity for conducting studies, in particular for knee cartilage, essential for the next phase of preclinical tests of StemCART.


More about StemCART

StemCART is a preclinical Advanced Therapy Medical Product (ATMP) that aims to revolutionize the treatment of cartilage damage for patients worldwide. To achieve this, Cline will continue preparing for in-human clinical trials, including scaling up production into a GMP facility, developing QA/QC methods, and the necessary safety testing and documentation for a clinical trial application. Cline envisions out-licensing StemCART to a commercial partner following successful phase I trials.


For more information, please contact:

Patrik Sundh, CEO

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +46 703-585 088

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About Cline Scientific
Cline Scientific develops advanced cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine treatments. Cline’s unique patented surface nanotechnology provides solutions to critical challenges for cell-based products and process in Life Science. Cline is driving two projects through to a clinical stage, StemCART - a stem cell therapy for joint repair, and CellRACE- a cancer diagnostic to predict metastasis. 

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Cline Scientific AB
Cline Scientific develops and markets products for biomedical research based on proprietary nanotechnology. Its products include unique surfaces for use in stem cell & cancer research and customized nanoparticles for use in biomedical applications....
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