No need for charging in future electric vehicles.

08 September 2021 - 15:27

The Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Clean Motion has entered a collaboration with Finnish Valoe Oyj on the integration of highly efficient solar cells in the roofs of the vehicles. "In a large part of the world, this solution will eliminate the need for charging and truly deliver a green revolution!" says Göran Folkesson, CEO of Clean Motion.

The collaboration between Valoe Oyj and Clean Motion AB is based on the integration of Valoe's highly efficient IBC cells (Interdigitated Back Contact) into Clean Motion's future roof modules.

Clean Motion performed tests with solar cell roofs in 2015, but then the technology was not mature enough. Since then, the efficiency of solar cells has increased sharply, and in combination with Clean Motion's extremely energy efficient vehicles, the technology is now commercially relevant. Soon, the goal is to have a vehicle with the range of 100 kilometers per day from solar energy.

“We are not alone in integrating solar panels into vehicles. What is unique is the energy efficiency of our vehicles, which means that the sunroof can make them self-sufficient in energy”, says Göran Folkesson, CEO.

The combination of rapidly increasing home deliveries and ambitious climate goals creates very interesting opportunities for electric vehicles with high energy efficiency. However, when the global vehicle fleet is to go from having a single percent electric drive, to almost 100 percent, comes the real challenge for society and the automotive industry. Here, Clean Motion is an integral part of the solution because the vehicles solve many of the transport missions but with almost no need for chagrining.

Göran Folkesson; “I founded Clean Motion because the automotive industry does not do much or particularly right when it comes to sustainable transport. Although electrification is advancing, now faster than ever before, it is still mostly about clumsy, resource-wasting vehicles with large and expensive batteries.”

Iikka Savisalo, CEO at Valoe:” For Valoe, the development agreement with Clean Motion creates good opportunities to enter widely to the global market of solar-powered Electric vehicles. I’m pleased that Clean Motion has chosen the Valoe as its partner, for developing vehicle-integrated photovoltaic systems. Timing is definitely right for small solar powered vehicles. We at Valoe are confident that together we will create something new and substantial”

For further information:
Göran Folkesson
CEO, Clean Motion AB
Phone: +46 735 320 273
Email: [email protected]

About Clean Motion AB
Clean Motion AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells electric vehicles. The company's vision is to develop truly sustainable products that the vast mass of the world's population can afford to use. The company's electric vehicle, the Zbee, is light, has a high efficiency and thus a very good operating economy. Clean Motion provides the market with safe and energy-efficient vehicles for a sustainable urban traffic environment.

Clean Motion AB is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm. Certified Adviser is G&W Fondkommission, e-mail: [email protected], telephone: 08- 503 000 50. For further information, please visit:

About Valoe Oy
Valoe is an innovative technology company based in Finland that operates in the clean energy business. The company’s objective is to have clean solar electricity available for everyone everywhere. Valoe’s solar module plant is located in Juva, Finland, and the company has an IBC solar cell plant in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Nasdaq First North GM (Sweden)
Clean Motion AB
Clean Motion AB is engaged in developing and manufacturing of electric vehicle for short distance transportation of up to three people and smaller goods. The company's product includes Zbee which is available in two versions, standard RS, and Cargo....
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