Directed share issue registered with the Bolagsverket

14 January 2022 - 15:49

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB's ("CISH") recent directed share issue has now been registered with Bolagsverket. The number of shares in the Company following the registration amounts to 15,313,792 shares and the share capital amounts to SEK 1,506,950.18.

The directed share issue increases the number of outstanding shares and votes by 3,125,000 shares to 15,313,792 shares. The share capital increases by SEK 307,514.92 to SEK 1,506,950.18, corresponding to a dilution for existing shareholders of approximately 20.4% of the number of shares and votes in the Company.

Provided by: MFN
Nasdaq First North GM (Sweden)
Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB
Clean Industry Solutions is a provider of customized carbon-free energy systems for industrial customers worldwide based on a broad portfolio of solar energy technologies and complementary technologies....
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