Welcome to IPOhub. We are currently in beta version so do not hesitate to contact us if you'd like to report something.

IPOhub’s founders have been active as long-term investors and later as traders since 2011. Being located in Tallinn, Estonia we made our first investments on junior markets in Sweden (AktieTorget, Nasdaq First North and NGM). Because of a lack of available data, language barriers, an inconvenient subscription process to participate in share issues, IPO’s & new emissions, along with insufficient data and a confusing document management structure for crossboarder investors - we started to map existing problems for all market participants.

In parallel we started building up connections and finding the right contacts. Through years of hard work, research and communication, we have built a concept that is called - IPOhub.

Today, while launching our MVP, we have created and established a pan-european share issue marketplace for you that includes; equity markets, issuer agents, companies and investors.

Investors can discover, compare and participate at local & cross-border share issues and take advantage of automated data and event notifications.

Issuer agents receive an efficient marketing channel and a wider audience from local and cross-border investors, through data aggregation and bringing the market participants into one central hub. This will create more successful and fully subscribed share issues.

Companies get wider marketing coverage and raises capital through a much more efficient offer process. Data and financial flow is automated and much faster.

Markets get more attention from crossboarder capital, which means more trading actions will take place.

From a legal perspective in the countries of the EU, IPOhub is supported by MIFID II, which has been valid since 01.01.2018
Currently we are on beta so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to report something or have a special request.

We want to work with you and for you. We believe that together we can grow and improve.

Sincerely yours,
IPOhub team

It connects all market participants
IPOhub is the borderless meeting point in the stock market between issuing agents, companies and investors.
It offers a view of aggregated data
With IPOhub you can discover and compare companies and share issues across Europe without having to go to multiple websites.
Filter the information you need
IPOhub is an excellent platform that gives you the opportunity to filter and group the information you need and prefer: companies and offers by country, industry, market and many more.
Get a full overview
To make a better decision, it is good to have all the information at hand: historical data, basic facts, corporate actions, news and more - with IPOhub you can have it all in one place.
Follow and receive notifications
With IPOhub you can stay up to date with the news of the companies that interest you, by receiving immediate notifications when something happens.
Digital Material
Stay tuned. There is more to come
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